Dumpling Case with Stitch Markers


These Dumpling Cases come in beautiful, assorted brocades and each one arrives with 6 yarn ball stitch markers. Simply squeeze to open.  When released, the case closes effortlessly.

Dumpling cases are approximately 3 inches long and 1-3/4 inches at the widest part, perfect for storing your stitch markers or small gifts.

Available in assorted colors - photos are representative of the colorway, but are not necessarily an exact match for brocade pattern.  In some cases patterning on the case is more and sometimes less elaborate.

Please note that some stitchmarkers provided by Hiya Hiya do not have jump rings and are a simple loop connected to the yarn ball (made of the same material as the yarn ball itself).

Stitch markers (without dumpling case) are also available by clicking here.

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