Mooi Laceweight (aka Fibre-Isle Niji)

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Mooi (pronounced moi) is a unique blend of fibers that combines all of the natural qualities of bamboo, bison and cashmere into an amazingly soft yarn. Mooi is simply a pleasure to knit and adds lustrous color to any project.

This blended luxury yarn was designed by Fibre-Isle in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and was introduced under the Niji brand in march, 2008. Upon discovering that the Niji name is presently in-use by another yarn company, we elected to introduce a new name, drawing from our heritage to select Mooi, which means “pretty” in Dutch.

The bamboo is dyed, while the cashmere and bison content remain natural, producing a stunning and vibrant visual effect. The fibers are blended prior to spinning.

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Lace Weight
Gauge: 3.0mm to 3.5mm needles (2-4 US) 7-8 sts per inch
70% Bamboo / 15% Bison / 15% Cashmere
50gr Skeins / 350yds

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