Spritely Needles & Hooks

I'm happy to be able to offer both my own private line of knitting needles and hooks in addition to a selection of needles from Hiya Hiya.

All Spritely Goods knitting needles and hooks are made from bamboo and have a wonderfully smooth finish.  Bamboo needles and hooks are lightweight, strong, flexible, durable, and have a warmth to them that make them a pleasure to work with - not only that, but bamboo is a natural, renewable resource!

Hiya Hiya needles (and accessories) can be specially ordered in if they are not in stock.  Please contact us if you have any special requests and we'll do our best to get what you need!  In addition to the stainless interchangeables (available in as a set or sold separately), Hiya Hiya manufactures bamboo and stainless steel circular needles, bamboo and stainless steel double points  in addition to crochet hooks in aluminum and nickle plated steel.

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