Soak Wool Wash

Spritely Goods is proud to be a distributor of Soak Wool Wash.

Soak is a gentle, fiber-friendly, appealingly scented no-rinse wash for wool sweaters, delicates and other hand-washables. The biodegradable, phosphate-free formulation leaves your washables (and your hands) soft, clean and smelling great.

Soak is available in five mild, yet deliciously modern fragrances in addition to an unscented version:

  • Flora hints at a spring garden (now discontinued).
  • Aquae evokes the sea. (now discontinued)
  • Citrus makes clothes smell positively fresh-squeezed (now discontinued).
  • Scentless for those with sensitive skin, is completely fragrance free!
  • Celebration evokes the excitement of the season with a captivating fragrance that makes fibers smell as good as they look.
  • Lacey is a modern scent that combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.
  • Limited Edition 02 - Sola, by Amy Butler  reminds me of an evening garden in full bloom.

Soak is available in four convenient sizes:

  • The 425 mL bottles can do 80+ washes.
  • The limited edition/Soak Worthy 250 mL bottles can do 50+ washes.
  • The 130 mL bottles can do 24+ washes. (this size has been discontinued so we are limited to stock on hand)
  • Flight-friendly 90 mL (3oz) bottles have you covered for 18 washes.
  • Mini-Soak 10mL packets 2+ washes.

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